Security and privacy are important components of our intimate encounter.  For this reason, I require that all new clients go through a simple and quick verification process which can be done by email or text. Please choose one or more of the following methods: 1. Please send me your real first and last name as well as employment information (Linkedin profile, link to your profile on company's website, work email to contact you at one time). 2. Provide me with two references from other providers including name, email and website.  This is my preferred screening method as it gives me the greatest sense of safety and allows me to connect with other in the industry for networking and solidarity.  3. Send a real-time picture of yourself holding your photo ID.  The picture must make it clear that you are the person in the ID and your full name must be legible.  4. Your privacy is my priority. All information that you share with me is respected and will be kept confidential.  Alternatively, I am available for in-person screenings, done in a central public place for $100.

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Phone: 303.351.7576 (text only)


Seattle, WA

Monday - Sunday 9am-midnight

COVID19 protocols apply

48 hours advance booking required for daytime appointments.

Pay Pal deposit and +100 required for same-day appointments

Email me for availability.

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