Sensual Healing

Energy work: Feeling sexually blocked or frustrated? Or maybe just low and depleted? I can give you that release and boost you are looking for. I am certified in Reiki and trained in shamanism, espiritualismo, and advanced energy intuition. Minimum 90 minutes. 


Psilocybin and entheogenic exploration: Psilocybin containing mushrooms are believed to be the first plant that ancestors native to North America used to connect with sourceself , and community.  By temporarily deactivating parts of our brain and nervous system that serve to protect us from the overload of reality, entheogens (meaning “divine within”) serve to assist the deepening of our connection to nature, understanding of ourselves, and how we can better live in ways that fulfill our heart and soul's purpose.  Most likely, no matter where you trace your lineage, you ancestors used some type of sacred plant medicine within ceremony. 

Today, people use mushrooms and other mind-expanding medicine to experience great joy and laughter, a deepening of the senses, and profound connection to other living things. The psilocybin healing and expanding ceremonies that I offer seek to do just that - offer space for exploration that is protected by shamanic practice and the intimacy we share. Minimum 6 hours for 2,000 for returning friends only.