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Sensual Healing

Energy work: Feeling blocked or frustrated? Or maybe just low and depleted? I can give you that release and boost you're looking for. I am certified in Reiki and trained in shamanism, espiritismo, and advanced energy intuition. Minimum 90 minutes, for returning friends only.

Psychedelic guidanceBy temporarily deactivating parts of our brain and nervous system that serve to protect us from the overload of reality, entheogens (meaning “divine within”) serve to assist the deepening of our connection to nature, understanding of ourselves, and how we can better live in ways that fulfill our heart and soul's purpose.  Most likely, no matter where you trace your lineage, your ancestors used some type of sacred plant medicine within ceremony. 

    The benefits of psilocybin containing mushrooms, ketamine, and MDMA are experienced differently depending upon whether the consumer is utilizing them recreationally or medicinally. Both hold considerable benefit. People who use these substances recreationally may experience great joy and laughter, a deepening of the senses, and profound connection to other living things. People and environment can make or break an experience, leaving recreational use more vulnerable to resulting in a "bad trip." Although rarely available or accessible, the modern use of psychedelics medicinally is mostly seen within clinical contexts to treat PTSD, addiction, and depression. The clinical use of mushrooms and ketamine is very important and effective...and still, a gap remains in being able to facilitate our own healing or communal healing by way of traditional processes, thereby restoring the relationship between people and plants.  

    The sacred psilocybin healing and expanding ceremonies that I offer seek to do just that - offer space for exploration that is protected and guided by shamanic practice and intuition. Much of the process is self-guided through intention setting, reflection, and conscious integration. I curate a safe and intimate experience that encourages expanded self-awareness, compassion, connection, sexual awareness, and play. My role is to hold space for you as you receive information within ceremony, help release energy that might become stagnant, create dialogue around your intentions, and facilitate movement. 
    My minimum ceremony time and cost is 6 hours for $2,000 which includes intimate time together and ceremony facilitation. For returning friends only. I welcome the opportunity to answer questions or provide additional resources. When you arrive at "Yes please!" please contact me via email to customize your guided journey. 


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